Our Mission

The Spartanburg SWCD's mission is to promote the wise and responsible use of our natural resources through education, demonstration, and technical services for the benefit of all citizens of Spartanburg County.

NRCS Farm Programs

   The 2014 Farm Bill programs are offered through the Natural Resources Conservation

Service. These programs include:


Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

This cost-share program identifies local resource concerns and sets priorities to address

issues such as soil erosion, water quality, and wildlife habitat. EQIP is available in all 46

counties to address statewide resource concerns. Sixty-five percent of EQIP funds are

targeted toward approved Conservation Priority Areas. State Conservation Priority Areas

have been identified by local work groups, ranked by the State Technical Committee and

submitted to Washington for approval. Practices such as cross fencing, watering tank

installation, field borders, filter strips and grassed waterways may be covered under this

program. Contact our office today to see if your farm qualifies!


Technical Services


  • Conservation planning
  • Urban and rural flood control
  • Soil conservation and erosion control
  • Soils mapping and soils data
  • Aerial photography and topographic map information
  • Wildlife, forestry, and forage management
  • Homeowner education
  • Backyard habitat development

The Spartanburg Soil and Water Conservation District and our partners, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, provide the following services to local landowners:

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